TCG-Employee Retention Credit Opportunity

TCG-Employee Retention Credit Opportunity

TCG-Employee Retention Credit Opportunity

Employee Retention Credit Opportunity


As our valued client, we are pleased to present you with an opportunity that we know you don’t want to miss – the Employee Retention Credit Program. Administered by the IRS, the ERC program was created to reward businesses for keeping their staff employed during the recent pandemic.Through our partnership with ERC Today, we are now able to provide direct access to one of the country’s leading ERC Service providers.

ERC Today is a national company who provides more than just the ERC calculation. They provide an audit package, payroll data retrieval support. We are extending a personal invitation to you to submit your application today!

To get the process started, please complete a short Application, followed by our detailed Questionnaire (If you own multiple businesses, please complete one questionnaire per business).

Once your Questionnaire is received, ERC Today will deem initial eligibility and we will work with them to provide the following information below if you agree to their fees. Upon submitting your application, you are hereby authorizing us to provide ERC Today with the following payroll information:

  • Form 941 as filed for each quarter of 2020 and 2021. *
  • Form 940 for 2020 and 2021. *
  • Payroll data file: showing gross wages, per employee, per paycheck for all of 2020 and 2021. Please provide a separate file for each year in Microsoft Excel format (.xls, .xlsx, or .csv). *

There is additional information that you will need to provide:

  • Health insurance data – if you offer health insurance, please complete the attached health insurance spreadsheet supplied in the file request email.
  • PPP Loan #1 & PPP Loan #2 Loan Forgiveness Applications & Forgiveness Letter (if applicable).

* If you were not enrolled with Caputo payroll services for all of 2020 and 2021, please be advised you will need to contact your previous payroll provider to obtain this information.

There is no cost or commitment to get started. Fees are applicable only when you decide you want to proceed with filing your completed ERC claim package to receive your cash rebate. For informational purposes only, the fee structure is included below. If you agree with all the below terms, please complete the Application and Questionnaire, and we will start processing your claim!

Client Credit Deposit Fee %
$0 - $49,999.99 $1,000.00 15%
$50,000.00 - $249,999.99 $2,500.00 15%
$250,000.00 - $499,999.99 $5,000.00 15%
$500,00.00 - $999,999.99 $7,500.00 10%
$1,00,000.00 - up $10,000.00 7.5%

NOTE: The above structure is per EIN for each ERC "evaluation period", defined as:

  1. 2020 Filing Period: Q2, Q3, Q4 2020*
  2. 2021 Filing Period: Q1, Q2, Q3 2021**
  3. Recovery Startup Business Period: Q3 & Q4 2021

*There is no seperate Q1 2020 filing; any Q1 ERC claims are made on the Q2 2020 ERC filing
**Congress has eliminated the Q4 2021 filing, except for ARPA Recovery Startup Business

In general, eligible clients will file at most two sets of filings.


ERC Today will be acting as the third-party provider for the ERC Calculation on behalf of The Caputo Group. Please direct all questions to The Caputo Group’s account manager at ERC Today. Helen Davis can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 704-408-8073.

We handle your administrative responsibilities so you can focus on what you love.
We handle your administrative responsibilities
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